Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 4, 2017

Consumer/Personal Finance 04.04.2017

UPS adds Saturday delivery; IRS now using private debt collectors; Surge in children’s product recalls; Pessimistic outlook on used car prices; Facebook wants to control the news you read; Jay Z champagne for $850/bottle; Free ice cream cones today at Ben & Jerry’s; Oath? Oof.

Fashion/Beauty 04.04.2017

A $12-billion startup you’ve never heard of wants to cure baldness and smooth wrinkles; Doctors are working on a vaccine for .. acne?; Woman opening plus-size salon to help curvy women feel beautiful; This new foundation is so popular that it already has a 25,000-person waiting list (and you thought the waiting list for Bandier leggings was bad!); Pierced nails are making comeback.

Fitness/Diet 04.04.2017

Is it bad to eat meals in bed? Pink and her message about post-baby weight loss (spoiler alert: it takes time!); Unusual wellness tricks that will help you feeling good w/out gym or savage diet; Best anti-aging exercises; Oprah’s weighty compensation; Meet the man who wants to cycle ’round the world .. in 80 days!

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