Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 7, 2017

Consumer/Personal Finance 04.07.2017

It’s official–people like Microsoft’s tablets better than the iPad; Lots of Americans will be spending their tax refunds on….Botox and lip fillers?; Millennials driving ‘Grocerant’ trend; YouTube battles content theft; Apple Clips; Fruit Loops milkshakes and Minute Maid slushies; Today is National Beer Day

Health & Wellness 04.07.2017

Deep sleep may be Fountain of Youth, but many seniors unable to get restorative slumber; Scientists have found exciting new clue about how ‘Super-Agers’ stay sharp as they age; Why Allergan thinks Botox can treat depression; Health benefits of sleeping in nude; Marmite may be brain food; The dope on Denver’s cannabis spa scene

Fashion/Beauty 04.07.2017

New generation of even faster fashion leaving H&M and Zara in dust; Jennifer Aniston’s already wearing the shoe of the summer; Custom suits are cool again (and actually affordable); Etsy predicting bridesmaid jumpsuits will be next big wedding trend; Leopard print hair.

Fitness/Diet 04.07.2017

Yo-yo dieting linked to heart trouble, risk of death; Heavy metal yoga is latest fitness fad to take on London; Planet Fitness reaches 10 million member mark; Harry Styles all buffed up to coincide w/today’s launch of solo career; Why is everyone so obsessed w/poke bowls?

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