Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 24, 2017

Consumer/Personal Finance 05.24.2017

Uber admits shortchanging its NYC drivers millions of dollars (How Lyft is responding/what it’s doing right…Editor’s note: Maybe it’s time to switch, but not sure why we won’t?!); Memorial Day gas prices set to be 22% cheaper than average; Frugal retirees ditch 4% rule, hoard savings instead; Sweden has listed the entire country on Airbnb (great marketing campaign); Making off like Madoff — Ironically, the only beneficiary of the Victim Fund is the man running it.; Top five books on Bill Gates’ summer reading list; Backlash: ‘Pill Cosby’ – now pulled from menu at DC restaurant.

Health & Wellness 05.24.2017

Ever wanted to listen in to a couple’s therapy session? Now you can–there’s a podcast for that!; Summer means sunscreen – how to choose wisely and avoid the 73% (yes, 73%!) that don’t work; Older doctors tied to higher patient death rates; Chocolate may help prevent irregular heartbeat; Listerine foot soak?????

Fashion/Beauty 05.24.2017

Americans spent $8 billion on invasive plastic surgeries last year–here’s where that money went (And maybe…just maybe…may-be….some of that on Pam Anderson’s new look?); Birchbox going big w/its next limited edition beauty box–a co-creation w/Vogue; Selma Hayek wears $4300 Gucci pajamas to Cannes luncheon; Coach introducing new NASA-themed collection; Helen Mirren reveals to Tulane’s graduating class that she has … a tattoo !

Fitness/Diet 05.24.2017

UNICEF launches free app that coverts your daily steps into life-saving nutrition; Nike signs Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. to richest NFL shoe deal; Controversial workout class promises thigh gaps for women; Most beautiful fitness studios on Instagram; Self-ventilating workout shirt, invented by none other than .. MIT researchers ..

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