Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 31, 2017

Consumer/Personal Finance 05.31.2017

Amazon shares briefly surpass $1000 for first time ever….It’s now worth two Walmarts; National Road Yard Sale begins today, w/people hawking their wares along 800 miles of U.S., from Baltimore to St. Louis; 14 billionaires join pledge to donate most of their fortunes to charity; Why more financial advisors may become like Costco–subscription-based; Macademia nuts, cashews recalled for possible listeria contamination; Delta upgrading free snacks selection again (and three of the new snacks are gluten-free); ‘Essential’ smartphone for $699; Pop-Ups.

Health & Wellness 05.31.2017

Are probiotics the new mood cure, or just another overhyped supplement?; Olivia Newton-John postpones concert dates to fight cancer; How a high-fat diet in childhood may wire the brain for addiction later on; Keeping arteries healthy in old age is possible; The dark side to meditation that no one talks about; Fish skin for burns; “Smartphone thumb”; Novelty bath salts that smell like pizza, potstickers, beer, grilled meat..I know–gross.

Fashion/Beauty 05.31.2017

Iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld launching makeup line; Size 12 woman asks H&M to change its ‘absolutely ridiculous’ sizing policy; Axed model sues for ‘menstrual anguish’; Heidi Klum poses naked in steamy new photo book; Why going braless is hottest celebrity trend; Ashley Graham, Ashley Graham, Ashley Graham (Editor’s Note: is Ashley Graham the only plus-sized model in the history of the universe or does Ashley Graham just have a really good publicist??)..

Fitness/Diet 05.31.2017

Is this low-cal ice cream too good to be true?; As more fast-casual and fast-food chains get in on the delivery game (latest being Denny’s), Americans will probably get…fatter; Gyms in position to spot eating disorders, but actually helping is tricky; Everyone is still talking about/obsessing over Rihanna’s weight gain (pregnant or just eating too much?????); Justin Theroux’s cycling backpack costs $3000…..

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