Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - June 14, 2017

Consumer/Personal Finance 06.14.2017

Fed rate hikes might give Wall Street unpleasant surprise; Apple, Tesla shares are two of biggest shorts in world right now; Best Buy to offer ‘try-before-you-buy’ option for cameras, audio equipment, fitness trackers (Take that, Amazon!); Verizon closes Yahoo deal, Mayer steps down (w/nearly $260 million); Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin looking ‘heavy’; Americans-charitable (gave away $390 billion last yr); $39 Southwest  flights; Dow-za!; And since it’s hot…12 best air conditioners on Amazon….

Health & Wellness 06.14.2017

Heart attack? Drones could come to your rescue!; Scientists may have found way to tan skin w/out damaging it; New knee procedure eases arthritis pain w/out surgery; Painful, rash-inducing caterpillars on rise; Curatio promises to matchmake people living w/same health conditions; Cryotherapy for Hugh Jackman and other celebrities (all in the name of health!!); Now more meditation time for Uber CEO….

Fashion/Beauty 06.14.2017

Hello Kitty clothing line .. for adults?; Yup, it’s fur real….Farfetch buys, forges global partnership w/Condé Nast; Coconut oil in toothpaste is trending; Audrey Hepburn’s clothes going up for auction; Kim Kardashian launching beauty line; Krispy Kreme lip balms; Match made in shoe heaven: Vans-Marc Jacobs collaboration!

Fitness/Diet 06.14.2017

Exercising on an empty stomach – the secret to weight loss?; Latest fitness trend is people squatting w/their dogs; How Gal Gadot got ripped to play Wonder Woman; Kobe Bryant spending retirement lifting; Josh Brolin-wow; More about Pony Sweat, the body-positive dance aerobics workout; Eat a pint of ice cream, get 40 grams of protein

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