Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - June 20, 2017

Consumer/Personal Finance 06.20.2017

With shares of Amazon now at all-time high, Jeff Bezos’ net worth is currently $86 billion–just $4 billion away from overtaking Bill Gates and becoming world’s richest man…IRS issues warning about new telephone scam; Airbnb buying background-check startup to protects its users and hosts; Verizon tops another network ranking; Blue Apron’s IPO on menu; Rare Jackson Pollock painting worth as much as $15-million going up for auction today .. Protect your privacy and buy it w/bitcoin? No, no ..  Ether is the digital currency of the moment ..

Health & Wellness 06.20.2017

Time does not mend broken heart???? OMG, say it ain’t so! Pleeeeeaaaaase!; Women are flocking to wellness because modern medicine still doesn’t take them seriously; Compounds present in turmeric, red grape, and apple peel have potential to ‘starve’ prostate cancer cells; Chick-fil-A adds gluten-free bun to menu; Carrie Fisher autopsy – whoa; Med aid for Tiger; The rise of pottery and why we all need some soulcraft in our lives…

Fashion/Beauty 06.20.2017

“You wanna know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.” Brooke Shields readies to shoot another campaign – likely less controversial – some 37 years later; People are using Coca-Cola as a self-tanner and that’s a very bad idea; “Bra bulge” removal is latest plastic surgery craze; Converse makes strong case for ‘shoe of summer’ w/Triple C Collection; Jack Black Dry Down will have you wondering how you spent all those years using baby powder; Body oil is the new perfume…

Fitness/Diet 06.20.2017

ClassPass, which has over 8,500 fitness partners in 39 cities worldwide, raises $70 million; Lululemon in investment, partnership w/cycling startup; Catching up on lost sleep over the weekend may help keep you slim; Top exercises for getting biceps à la Pippa…because you keep asking!; Where to eat fast food if you’re following strict diet (A few options, NOURJ); Downward dog, doctor’s order: yoga as good for low back pain as physical therapy…

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