Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - June 26, 2017


Will bitcoin officially come ‘into play’? Barclays has been in discussions w/regulators..Takata no longer – major airbag company files for bankruptcy; Al Capone’s diamond pocket watch fetches > $84,000 at ‘gangster’ auction; Facebook going Hollywood, seeking scripted TV programming; TSA crackdown (remove books from carry-ons?!); JetBlue’s new Eat-Up boxes; Google changes to Gmail; Rosé ice cream.

HEALTH & WELLNESS 06.26.2017

Are you skipping or postponing medical visits because you want to lose weight first? New survey by Cedars Sinai shows you’re not alone!; Leading experts now reaching consensus about when women should start getting mammograms; NASA debunks Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest snake oil; Touch of romantic partner helps alleviate pain; Foods you aren’t eating but should be this summer (Think: jackfruit, breadfruit, chicory); Clutter & its negative effects on your focus and well-being; Tablet for dogs; Why Canyon Ranch remains country’s top wellness destination…

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