Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - June 27, 2017


Smartphone rival releases its new model today – OnePlus 5….Should you buy it?; Airport app that brings goodies to your gate will be tested at San Diego International; Ritz-Carlton taking its luxury hotel experience to the seas; Americans buying McMansions again (many spending more than can afford!); Charlie Sheen selling Babe Ruth’s 1927 World Series ring; Veuve Clicquot’s new summer bubblies; ATM turns 50; Why raw cookie dough is everywhere…just a trend or here to stay?

HEALTH & WELLNESS 06.27.2017

People w/anxiety and depression are consuming disproportionate share of prescription painkillers; American parents seeking best medical care for their children will find it in Boston; Light roast coffee over dark (might be healthier tho still prefer dark!); Sunlight for eczema relief; Sonic’s ‘blended burger’; Surprising wellness destinations you can book last minute; Deepak Chopra, on why financial health is part of wellness..


Can Detroit become America’s next fashion hub?; JCrew about to get a whole lot of cash; More health problems reported from cosmetic products; Major Kate Spade sale going on now (through Thursday night); LED eyelashes lighting up the internet: Prada’s $185 paper clip..

FITNESS/DIET 06.27.2017

What is intuitive eating and what do we need to know about this new nutrition technique?; Mental health experts criticize new Netflix film (To The Bone) about anorexic girl; Nike is offering free yoga workouts anytime, anywhere; Working out in bodysuits is back…Think: Jane Fonda, 1980s?

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