Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - June 28, 2017


Everything you need to know about latest worldwide ransomware attack–what is Petya, who affected, how to protect yourself and more…Facebook reaches 2 billion monthly users; Burn hazard prompts recall of TNT fireworks; Gas prices stun analysts: July 4 lower than Jan.1; ‘Saturday Night Fever’ dance floor set to fetch > $1 million at auction; Baby born on Spirit Airlines will get free flights for life…so long as he books a year in advance, loves middle seats, and has no checked luggage…carry-ons…or personal items????? Editor’s assumption.

HEALTH & WELLNESS 06.28.2017

Wonder Pill: Merck says new type of cholesterol drug reduced heart attacks, deaths and other complications of heart disease in huge, late-stage study; Stressful job can make you want to eat junk food, but sleep can even the score; Needle-free flu vaccine patch works as well as a shot; Fish for arthritis; Whole fruit instead of juice; Crystal healing: stone cold facts about gemstone treatments…


Lindsey Lohan launches lifestyle site?!?!?! For $2.99 a month?????!; Serena Williams celebrates pregnancy w/nude Vanity Fair cover (No comment from John yet.); Basic white dress from River Island sells out in minutes thanks to Instagram influencers; ThredUp, a much-liked secondhand e-commerce company, opening its first store; Internet crushes on Steve Carell’s new look (Silver Fox); Long-term effects of Botox you may not know about; Lip gloss fidget spinners; Summer…socks?

FITNESS/DIET 06.28.2017

Drinking water from refilled plastic water bottle ‘as dirty as licking a toilet seat’????!; New weight-loss procedure has people swallowing balloons (Jimmy Fallon has already made a joke about it on air.); ‘Healthy’ Pret salads found to contain more fat than baguettes [Editor’s note: Maybe have that salmon quinoa thing-y that comes in a cup instead?]; U.S. pets getting larger and larger; Big Mac break up & weight loss; TwerkAerobics; Shondra Rhimes on how she was treated differently after losing 150 pounds…

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