Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - June 29, 2017


Happy Birthday, iPhone!; New cars unaffordable for most Americans; World’s biggest airport will open in 2019; Amazon’s Prime Day sale: July 11th; What you don’t know about homeowner’s insurance could cost you; Why $3 Trader Joe’s canned wine is so popular; Best 0% balance transfer credit cards; July 4th traffic – best and worst times to travel; Ford’s latest recall; Financial literacy via hip-hop artist Dee-1 .. Oh, and up this weekend: Federal student loan interest rates .. and possibly your credit score, per new rules..

HEALTH & WELLNESS 06.22.2017

A former Tesla engineer thinks he’s found a cure for hangovers; ‘World’s healthiest village’ credits diet, lack of stress, ample sleep for longer life .. Try the Pioppi Diet and you, too, could live to 100???; Maximum human lifespan, BTW, is 115 years….Fecal bacteria found in ice at Starbucks and two other chains–in UK.; California says key ingredient in Roundup weed killer can cause cancer; Couples who argue while sleep-deprived risk seriously damaging their health; Vaccination may be curbing ER visits for shingles; How wellness became an epidemic…

FITNESS/DIET 06.29.2017

Long walks can improve moods and reduce anxiety, but the benefits may be greatest if the walks take place outdoors rather than indoors..on a treadmill? That’s what new study shows…Celebrity fitness star, Jackie Warner, reaches plea deal in DUI case; Exercise can improve your sex life; Running & its effects on your body; Why you’ll never get ‘toned’ (One trainer wants it banned from our gym vocabulary.); Christie Brinkley says her “dogs” are her “personal trainers”…I know, whatever

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