Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - July 13, 2017


Hello, Dow!; Economy healthy enough for gradual rate hikes; Verizon data breach exposes millions of customer records; United wants to sell your seat to someone else for more money; Everyone wants to fly to Majorca right now, and it’s all thanks to Love Island; Americans more willing to go into debt for experiences; RVs are back (and bigger than ever); Gymboree closing 350 stores; How to get most out of your new Echo; It’s National French Fry Day.

HEALTH & WELLNESS 07.13.2017

Stevia could be key ingredient in curing Lyme disease???; ‘Living drug’ that fights cancer by harnessing immune system clears key hurdle; Improving diet over time (even modest changes) may significantly reduce risk of premature death; Vatican bans gluten-free communion bread; When stress makes you …. fall asleep?; Definitive guide to tipping for wellness services; An excuse to eat steak; Healthiest ice creams and frozen desserts; Laziest countries


Want a Botox house call? A doctor-turned-entrepreneur is building an Uber-style app just for you…and you…and you…and you!; Reese Witherspoon’s shorts prove this summer print (fruity) isn’t going anywhere; Fidget spinner lip balm officially coming to Sephora; Plus-size jewelry now available; Tattoo removal made easy w/revolutionary new patch; Hello, Gucci Décor!; Au Revoir, Colette..

FITNESS/DIET 07.13.2017

Pole dancing fitness for kids??? Yup–controversial; A dusty home can make you fat; How to work out like an NFL football player; What an anorexia survivor thinks about Netflix’s To The BoneMakeup products that won’t sweat off at the gym; Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Jenny Craig (including if it actually works); Adidas food sneakers; Age-old grapefruit diet — healthy or hazardous?

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