Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - July 18, 2017


Get out of Blue Apron, but not because of Amazon?!; Chick-fil-A rolling out ‘family style meals’; Citigroup staffing up for robotic revolution; Nokia phones coming back; Superheros saving US box office; National Park pass700% price hike; Subway restaurants get makeover; Apple unveils new emojis; Wedding trend alert: hydrangea cakes are now a thing; Move over, hedge funds–here’s where the megarich are stashing their cash..

HEALTH & WELLNESS 07.18.2017

Here come weed-infused coffee pods!; If you’re not slathering on sunscreen, you’re paying for it – literally ($); Positive attitudes about aging correlate to better quality sex; Daily tomato consumption may protect against skin cancer; Packaged mac and cheese & unhealthy chemicals; Why cauliflower is new ‘it’ vegetable; Fit Meets Flop: Incredible fitness and wellness retreats around the world..


People are putting makeup brushes in washing machines…stamping their eyebrows on…tattooing their armpits??; Zara has now overtaken Topshop as most searched for shop; This is the face mask that makes you look 100 years old, then 10 years younger (You’ve heard about it, right?); Lack of science behind acne treatments; Pasta necklaces; How much a blowout will cost you around the world..

FITNESS/DIET 07.18.2017

Target’s launching activewear line, aptly called JoyLab; Fashion’s athleisure trend is moving to bags, watches, and makeup; Why some plant-based diets are healthier than others; How much alcohol you can drink w/out counteracting your fitness goals; Exercise may not be equally effective in males and females; For weight loss: Big breakfast, skimpy dinner..

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