Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - July 26, 2017


Fed not expected to raise interest rates today, but markets will be watching closely for indications of future plans; Traces of controversial herbicide found in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream; Taco Bell launching new Lyft feature (‘Taco Mode’) to cater to one of its more important demographics: drunk customers; Chipotle hopes that queso will win back those scared away by norovirus and rodents; Delta getting major upgrade (and you can now use your fingerprint as boarding pass on select Delta flights); Americans are renovating ($$$); Kensington Palace hiring; Ikea ditches Ikea look; Today is McDelivery Day; World’s creepiest motel is for sale.

HEALTH & WELLNESS 07.26.2017

Your best chance at living a long, healthy life is incontestably low tech (Don’t smoke. Don’t become obese. Lay off the booze.), and….oh…being neurotic helps, too?; Contaminants in water are legal, but still pose big health risks; Link between football and traumatic brain injury continues to strengthen; More evidence that owning a dog is really good for you; Dramatic declines in sperm count due to ‘modern life’; Vegan ice cream comes of age; Wellness Trends 2018 – Share your predictions!


While the kids are away, the parents will play .. with their faces? Yup–Plastic surgeons are seeing spike in nips and tucks while kids are at sleepaway camp; Sephora is about to change makeup shopping for all of us; Resale site ThredUp launches luxury consignment so it will now feature everything from Gap to Givenchy; ASOS selling sunglasses that are also…earrings?; Anne Hathaway might be next Barbie; Premme is newest plus-size line; Gucci’s Star-Trek-themed fashion.

FITNESS/DIET 07.26.2017

Study finds most men and women are ‘overfat’ ??? Huhhh? Whaaa?; Clean eating may sound like a smart way to diet, but it could actually be harmful; A calorie is not a calorie and its source can significantly affect body weight; Exercising in the heat may not be helping you get results; The psychology of why you crave the wrong things; Nike’s new collection (millennial pink!); A slimmed-down Nigella Lawson

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