Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - August 16, 2017


Worth buying a ticket for the $430 million Powerball jackpot?; Don’t answer that..we’re playing anyway!; Wells Fargo names first female chair of any major U.S. bank; Amazon takes on corner store w/Instant Pickup; Target buying company that facilitates quick local deliveries; Elvis Presley’s white baby grand piano up for sale in charity auction (Today marks 40-year anniversary of the King’s death); Ryanair calls for airport crackdown in alcohol sales; Bon Appétit’s ‘Best New Restaurants’ in America; Markets & the Fed (what looking for); White Pumpkin Pie M&Ms; Money is easier to find than…love?; You can now see unlimited movies in the theater for $10/month.

HEALTH & WELLNESS 08.16.2017

Risk of dying goes up when cancer patients opt for alternative meds; People are losing it over a ‘miracle’ lotion that ‘cures’ insomnia; Video games could soon replace pills in treating some cognitive diseases; A2 milk for those who have trouble w/dairy?; What you should know about the pro-vegan Netflix film, What the Health; Inside the spiritual movement that has Hollywood obsessed…Yup, we’re talking transcendental meditation


Bon Jovi’s clothing line ditches leather; Kaia Gerber lands major fashion campaign – now the face of Hudson Denim; Salma Hayek spills entire beauty routine and philosophy; Polka dots – big for summer and expected to carry on into fall; Ugg’s new zany designs; Madonna’s anti-aging face mask (magnetically removed – no rinsing required); TJX sales — up!; Is this lip gloss or your favorite ’90s candy?

FITNESS/DIET 08.16.2017

Exercise could help you learn a new language?; Oprah lets go of ’emotional burden’ of weight; Julianne Hough back in the gym following 4-week hiatus; How much protein you should eat in a day – and what happens when you have too much; What you should know about runner’s knee–even if you don’t run; Breaking down the ‘fat but fit’ phenomenon; About that Instagram Fitness Model who now has 10 million followers…

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