Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - August 17, 2017


No Powerball winner! Jackpot climbs over half-billion mark; Robocalls from cruise lines could mean you’re entitled to $$$ (Here’s how to collect); Emma Stone tops Jennifer Lawrence as world’s highest-paid actress; Galaxy Note 4 batteries being recalled for overheating risk; Chipotle doing some very ‘un-Chipotle’ things to win back diners; Ikea clawing its way into food scene w/$20 crayfish dinner; The ongoing erosion of frequent flyer miles; Where you can still buy safe solar eclipse glasses; Why wine tastes better when it costs more; Record Labor Day air travel…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 08.17.2017

Is it really Lyme? Researchers developing new test to tell; 1 in 5 Americans has been exposed to contaminated drinking water; More supermarkets investing in health & wellness as growth vehicle; “Tainted” alcohol in Mexico – more common than you think; Turmeric is good for you but it’s “complicated”???; Instagram husband’s parody wellness account is comedy gold; Utah is Best State to grow old in…


Urban Outfitters stock has best run since IPO’ing, but yet still a ‘hot mess’????; Project Runway breaking body barriers in new season (debuts tonight); Rihanna gives people the…socks…they’ve always wanted; Vogue debuts new iMessage stickers (because, you know, your phone needs a stylish makeover); A fashion designer is trying to sell you duct tape for $250; Target’s private label brands – resonating; Keds collaboration (cute); “Plus size” … divisive or useful?; These Sephora Super Shoppers have racked up 50,000 Insider Beauty points…

FITNESS/DIET 08.17.2017

“Clean eating” promotes unhealthy habits–esp. among kids???!; Hot Swedish ‘swolemates’ are starting new fitness trend; Spot-targeting fat isn’t very effective; Unspoken rules of yoga etiquette; Unbelievable eating habits of Elvis; You can now cycle ‘Big Sur Island’ on a car-free stretch of California’s iconic Pacific Coast Highway….SIGN.ME.UP!

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