Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - August 21, 2017


As you get ready to pick your winning Powerball numbers ($650 million jackpot!), lottery rigging mastermind faces lott’o time in jail; American workers will take about 20 minutes out of their workday today to gaze at the nearly 2.5-minute solar eclipse, costing employers nearly $700 million in lost productivity; Beware Facebook scam offering free tickets on Delta; Trader Joe’s 50th anniversary celebration (lots of freebies); 1956 Aston Martin sells for $22.5 million; iPad Pro vs. laptop computer; Wine-flavored lollipops .. another way to ‘sip’ your rosé?; Deals that can’t be .. eclipsed.

HEALTH & WELLNESS 08.21.2017

Could city lights increase your risk of breast cancer?; Insect balls and burgers hit grocery shelves today at Swiss supermarket, marking first wide distribution of bug bites in Europe; Eating walnuts may help curb cravings for dessert and other high-fat foods (So now you can have them in your brownies..right, John?); More Americans taking antidepressants; Persistent concerns about safety of DEET; Smartphone separation anxiety; RIP, comedian and filmmaker, Jerry Lewis, 91, who raised > $2 billion for muscular dystrophy over 45 years..

FITNESS/DIET 08.21.2017

Is the 7-minute workout too good to be true? Researchers put it to the test….Getting to the core of exercises said to strengthen ‘mum tum’; How Zumba helped one woman dance off 230 pounds; Why some people puke during workouts (usually due to intensity); More promotional pricing from Dick’s Sporting Goods (So now you’ll shop there…Right????!!); Fiber is the weight-loss wonder you’re not eating enough of; This spin studio is ‘terrorizing’ anyone who gives it negative Yelp review.

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