Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - August 24, 2017


Powerball; Massachusetts ticket snags $$$$ jackpot!; Delta adds video chat to customer service lineup; Arby’s serving ‘medieval’ grub in time for Game of Thrones‘ finale; Signs your Labor Day travel is going to be hellacious; Only three major airports where taxi cheaper then Uber; Diptyque .. car fresheners??; The age we start hating our jobs; The app that gets your kids to return your messages (ReplyASAP); Starbucks “sushi burrito” – Testing 1, 2, 3; Prosecco-infused donuts; Goodbye, gummies – fruit snacks losing their place in lunchboxes..Oh, and PS: That’s not really Robert Downey Jr. messaging you privately, asking you to donate money to a charitable cause…It’s a scam!

HEALTH & WELLNESS 08.24.2017

This 23-year old just closed her second fund – which is focused on aging – w/$22 million; Once primarily a perk in health spas and resorts, saltwater pools now popular among U.S. homeowners; Matter-of-fact chart shows why we shouldn’t worry about getting older; Benefits of cooking w/cast-iron skillet; Midnight snacks that will help you sleep like a baby; Liquid biopsy for lung cancer?; Childhood friendships are good for your health; TINA v. Goop; Life-changing wellness vacations you can book for < $1000.

FITNESS/DIET 08.24.2017

Shark bites paddleboard on Cape!!; Change weekend plans????!!; Weight Watchers Ambassador shares daily diet and gets completely ridiculed for it; Britney Spears fans go wild over sexy workout video; Millennials spending big on trendy places to sweat (Why price tag at Orangetheory worth every penny.); Men are ditching weights room; ‘Carb flu’ – really a thing?; What celebrities really weigh; When you eat nothing but fruit for a week…

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