Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - August 29, 2017


Airbnb offering evacuees and emergency relief workers free places to stay; Target releasing new line of $5 wines; Domino’s/Ford test consumer appetite for driverless pizza deliveries; $69 will buy you flight to Europe right now, even from west coast; Pittsburgh airport to allow non-ticketed visitors access to gates (first major U.S. airport to do this–Gordon, let us know how it goes…); What to expect from upcoming iPhone 8 event (Apple’s market cap soon $1 trillion?); Harvey charity scams; Nestle Toll House Pumpkin Cobbler cookie dough; Gold – 10 month high; Alexa, how much is my grocery bill? Amazon technology already invading store shelves at Whole Foods!

HEALTH & WELLNESS 08.29.2017

New drug reduces heart attacks, but is that enough?; Higher coffee consumption associated w/lower risk of death; Unusual treatment options – from cuddling to probiotics – to battle depression; Access to meditation in the palm of your hand (an app to help fight stress of modern life!); Public health dangers Harvey-hit areas; Purple cauliflower – having a moment; The future of health & wellness is a responsive textile that uses your own energy to help regulate blood flow? Huh? Whahh?; Televangelist Joel Osteen puts end to megacontroversy and opens megachurch to hurricane victims…


What’s in that secret bath bomb sauce, anyway? How Lush is winning at both online and brick-and-mortar beauty retail; Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party sale is now in progress (Thanks for the lead, Katie!); New skin lightening procedure is short on evidence; Found is Walmart’s new natural beauty brand; Squiggly eyebrows; Sheet masks … from your Uber driver?; The company doth protest too much: Estee Lauder ‘NOT for sale.’

FITNESS/DIET 08.29.2017

Fitbit reveals several new products, including its first pair of wireless headphones and long-awaited $300 Ionic smartwatch (a real competitor to the Apple Watch!); Consistently losing weight in early days of new diet plan – even small amounts – may increase chances of long-term weight loss; J.Lo & resistance bands (She uses them to tone/sculpt her arms.); Bicycle deaths – up; Worst vegetable for weight loss is .. corn ?!; Weigh yourself on THIS day of the week for most accurate reading…

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