Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - August 30, 2017

HEALTH & WELLNESS 08.30.2017

New cancer treatment can eradicate tumors, scientists day; Hormone injection could eventually reverse memory loss; Hyatt buys yet another wellness brand and it’s one you know and love – Exhale; Most melanomas grow as new spots, not from existing moles; Female orgasms aren’t all that mysterious; Unemployment/low-quality job – bad for health; Sofia Vergara scores big victory in frozen embryo battle; Stress-reducing options for those who hate fidget spinners; “Doors are open” — Joel Osteen..


J. Crew adds two iconic styles from the past (including Rugby-style shirts–yah??!); Lisa Frank and Reebok collaborate to create rainbow explosion of a sneaker; Winnie Harlow-inspired doll w/vitiligo taking over social media; You can now design your own Stuart Weitzman be sure they’re made for walkin’; U.S. Open fashion: crystals, shapes, and knee-high socks; Cannabis … beauty line?; How tacos became fashion trend; Your complete guide to skin vitamins, and what they really do…A,B,C,D,E!

FITNESS/DIET 08.30.2017

Large study suggests it’s carbs, not fats that are bad for your health [Hello? We cudda told you that – for half the price.]; Exercise right after learning improves memory in women; Building muscle w/exercise – how long it takes; What you need to know about the “Hadza” diet, which is being touted as gut-healthy; How astronauts exercise in space; 18 of most gorgeous places in world to do yoga; Abs — at age 71….

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