Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - August 31, 2017


Harvey shuts down Colonial Pipeline, which moves huge amounts of gasoline and other fuel between Houston and east coast ($$ at pump); American Express targets debt-leery consumers w/new card features; Johnny Depp’s $3-million Kentucky horse farm headed to auction (Any interest, Milllls??); Labor Day weekend new car dealsBlue wine coming to U.S.; Elder financial fraud – on rise; Real estate – Americans’ most favored investment; $pringing for tix to pricey Bruce; Mystery Oreo flavor; Bottled buttered coffee; Best cities for retirement in states w/no income tax; The website that will pay you to book flights for people; Oh, and I know this is getting too long because I’m > my 100 word count, but the way you eat ice cream can reveal a lot about who you are…Just three words: Spoon, Baby, Spoon….

HEALTH & WELLNESS 08.31.2017

First U.S. gene therapy approval for cancer treatment; Pet turtles to blame for salmonella outbreak in 13 states (Why the toxin trouble w/tiny turtles continues…); Prolonged sitting and TV watching ‘dangerous’ for seniors; Difference between wild-caught salmon and farm-raised salmon (always worth reiterating since no one seems to know); Cannabis cream for…psoriasis?; Snoring – an annoyance worth taking more seriously; America’s new dads older than ever; Pacemaker recall; Watch out: Your snacking habits could make you more susceptible to sunburns?


Agent Provocateur founder unveils new lingerie label; Missoni and Jennifer Lopez team up w/Saks to support women’s cancer research; Zara’s website now features models over the age of 40; Every dollar spent on this new fragrance will go directly to depression research; What bubble masks actually do for your skin; Why it could be risky to find a plastic surgeon on Instagram [um, right]; Plumping lip masks instead of injections??; Sunglasses & what they say about you; B cup or bust: women reportedly want smaller breast implants…

FITNESS/DIET 08.31.2017

Gym-goers trying to bulk up should avoid taking ibuprofen; Nike losing core customers to Adidas: Morgan Stanley; Bride-to-be shuts down personal trainer who tried to body-shame her; Floyd Mayweather to launch 500 boxing gyms worldwide; Outdoor brands that guarantee their gear for life; The dog who likes hiking so much he hugs his human companion when they reach summit; Glamping: 10 spots to camp luxuriously in the USA…Posh Primitive in the Adirondacks, anyone?

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