Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - September 14, 2017


Irma obliterates Florida’s citrus farms–early reports suggest 50%-70% of crops destroyed; LifeLock sign-ups are up tenfold post Equifax hack; Despite all the iPhone excitement, some still gonna buy flip phones [You know who you are!]; > 1 in 10 parents now give their elementary school kids a credit card; Target – not only hiring way more seasonal workers (40% more than last year!), but also rolling out new line of home decor in collaboration w/hosts of HGTV’s ‘Fixer Upper’; Americans living best lives in decade; Bitcoin at crossroads; Thanksgiving airfares: Act now or pay, pay, pay; Hottest new products coming to Trader Joe’s this month; Where to celebrate Oktoberfest across America…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.14.2017

Not tonight?! And probably not tomorrow night .. or the next .. or the next? Sex drives decline twice as much in women than men in long-term relationships; Cervical cancer screening and why age matters; Kombucha – now a staple in many office kitchens; The super green that’s a stronger anti-inflammatory than turmeric…and more nutrient dense than kale, too?? [Beckett, you know what it is!]; Itchy skin at night: causes, conditions, and relief; Sweet (and therapeutic) truth about salt caves; Larry King – secret lung cancer diagnosis; Alert: Food recall app; Another day, another story about red wine being good for you…

FITNESS/DIET 09.14.2017

Gut bacteria may ‘hack’ your body clock, affecting weight; More families cutting dairy completely out of diet; Most nutritious fall produce; Best ice creams for weight loss (Yes, ice creams, and yes, Halo Top tops list!); Obstacle course racing – should you try it?; Spiderbands: a gravity-defying fitness class that’s so much fun you’ll forget you’re exercising!?!

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