Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - September 19, 2017


Equifax suffered another data breach…in March??; Toys ‘R’ Us files for bankruptcy; Apple’s iOS11 rolls out today; Avril Lavigne named most dangerous celebrity; Luncheonettes (aka lunch counters) making comeback; Next crisis will start in… Silicon Valley??!; Aldi’s $8 award-winning rosé now available in the U.S.; Egg-freezing is hot new perk at Google, Apple, and Facebook; Fishers, Indiana – ‘Best Place To Live’ in America; Changes at Taco Bell (no drive-thru? alcohol???);  ‘All You Can Fly’ pass – unlimited flights to Paris for a year…$40,000…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.19.2017

Beyond Meat’s ‘bleeding’ veggie burgers are about to be everywhere–from fast food chains to school cafeterias; Yoga and mental health: how it helps depression and four other conditions; Best way to take afternoon nap; Popular ‘healthy’ foods that aren’t actually good for you; Self check–freckle…or mole????; Fonio: the new supergrain that could replace quinoa; Martha Stewart asks, ‘Who’s Goop?’ You know…like she doesn’t know…


Face yoga: Does it work?; White shoes make it past summer…and are everywhere for fall; Breakthrough winners from Allure‘s ‘Best Of Beauty’ list; Most searched boot styles; The $5 drugstore mascara that will replace all your $$ ones; Sneaker world shakeup: Adidas overtakes Jordan in U.S.; Tips to finding your signature scent, from Hermès’ perfumer; Tattoo guidelines for teens–first ever…

FITNESS/DIET 09.19.2017

Learn to work out like Tom Brady in his book that comes out .. today!; New report shows exercise is on rise among Americans–how does your city rate?; Under Armour now largest digital health and fitness company on earth; Most annoying things people do at gym; Single best way to do push-up (TRX!); Everything guide to buying running shoes; Sharp uptick, health & fitness app usage..

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