Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - September 28, 2017


Is Face ID secure? Apple takes on lingering questions; Walmart unveils new baby products in effort to attract younger consumers (and eyes premium diaper market); Delta to offer free in-flight texting (starts Sunday); Justin Timberlake “finalizing” deal to perform at Super Bowl halftime; Hilton’s new ‘Hostel on Steriods’ could help it steal millennials from Airbnb???; TodayTix launching magazine for theatergoers; Credit card debt hits all-time high (> trillion); Submarining is latest dating trend; Restaurant report card: what’s in your fast food meat; Why September best month to renew passport; Where most millionaires being minted; Sonic Drive-In security hack; Another day, another cryptocurrency hedge fund

HEALTH & WELLNESS 09.28.2017

File this under I am thankful, I am thankful, I am thankful – Man’s suspected cancer tumor turns out to be toy he inhaled .. 40 years ago!!!; Celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver sued over false ‘gluten-free’ labels; Wellness blogger fined for fake cancer tale; Why you should wash your towels more often than you probably do (E.coli!); How cashew apple juice became Africa’s new power drink; More evidence that even a little exercise is good for your heart; What older women wish they could tell their younger selves; Exhaustion & silent UTIs (There’s a connection–who knew?); A smartphone that will make mosquitos go away; Carbonated milk…the next sparkling water?; Kale, yeah –  $1/bunch @ Whole Foods–now through 10/3.


Warning issued against ‘toxic’ lip balms by French consumer group (and these are brands you know, such as Carmex!); Macy’s overhauling its rewards program to win back straying customers; Tommy Hilfiger auctioning off a bunch of stuff, including pair of jeans worn by Marilyn Monroe [Editor asks–still no offers on his Penthouse @ Plaza Hotel despite price cuts????]; Christie Brinkley’s daughter to star in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue; Maye Musk, 69 (!), is newest CoverGirl; Ann Taylor’s ‘Luxe’ collection; Sofia Vergara’s underwear subscription service; Lampshading – the leggy fashion trend, explained; Gin & Tonic…perfume!

FITNESS/DIET 09.28.2017

Garmin, Disney team up for kid-friendly wearables; Exercise might increase your self control–here’s how; Why it’s so hard to lose belly fat; Fitness gurus who turned a workout passion into a business empire (Like!); The amount of money you can save from losing weight at different ages; Tiger–no more golf?; Resistance band recall/Dick’s Sporting Goods; This fall’s buzziest fitness studios; Lululemon CEO: Retail isn’t dead because people ‘crave human connections’…

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