Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - October 12, 2017


Bitcoin price (now at record high above $5,100) will reach $10,000 in just six months??!!!; Self-flying planes may arrive sooner than you think (here’s why); Rediscovered Leonardo da Vinci painting expected to fetch $100 million; Amazon ready for next generation consumer — your teen; Most worthless graduate degree in America; List of wineries damaged in Wine Country fires; Remote jobs & employee satisfaction (high); No work/life balance if you want to be rich; Home delivery (literally); A family-run pub in the English countryside has just been named ‘best restaurant in the world.’

HEALTH & WELLNESS 10.12.2017

You should get the flu shot–even if it won’t keep you from getting sick??; Colorado is best state for aging (people are happier, live longer, least likely to run out of $$$$); Why pumpkin is a fruit and not a vegetable (plus, yeah, all sorts of health benefits); How to spot early signs of dementia in aging parent; Epsom salt benefits that will inspire you to take a bath, like, now; Health conditions that increase stroke risk; Surprising things Dr. Andrew Weil is obsessed with–and thinks you should be too; Wellness influencers on the wakeup call that changed their lives for the better; Tai Chi: a gentler way to exercise for ailing hearts..


You heard about Coach’s new name, right? No one likes it – Tapestry (Eh!!??!?!) – but here’s why the change; Reddit obsessing w/this two-ingredient DIY mask for clear, smooth skin (Spoiler Alert: turmeric and honey!); How Sephora became mecca for female tech professionals; The French girl’s guide to anti-agingArtist whose extreme long hair is taking over Instagram; Wine – your skin’s deadliest foe or its secret weapon?; Clean beauty essentials for $3; Mass retailers – cashing in on the natural beauty boom; Vera Wang on roses, Instagram, and what brides want..

FITNESS/DIET 10.12.2017

Is the ketogenic diet more powerful than medication? Here’s what some doctors are saying; Woman who left negative hotel review told to “go on a diet”; The 4-move, no-equipment workout that helped Janet Jackson take back the stage; ‘Healthier’ versions of Snickers and Milky Way; Vegan Halloween chocolate; Stretching – the hot new….workout???

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