Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - October 19, 2017


Today marks the 30th anniversary of “Black Monday,” the biggest one-day stock market drop in Wall Street history….Could the 1987 stock market crash happen again?; Amazon has new way to get stuff into your apartment; Rising seas threaten nearly $1 trillion worth of U.S. homes (and most of them are moderately priced); Richard Branson says he was target of $5-million dollar scam; Orlando will have first world’s first Airbnb-branded apartments; First-ever cruise ship ‘for millennials’ to set sail in 2018; More Baby Boomers retiring abroad; Blue Apron layoffs; Mega changes ($2 tickets); Samsung – serious about artificial intelligence; The family who bet it all on bitcoin

HEALTH & WELLNESS 10.19.2017

America’s McMansion obsession is subtly wrecking our mental health???; U.S. continues to grapple w/high blood pressure epidemic; Facts of Life star Mindy Cohn reveals five-year battle w/breast cancer; Anxiety makes it harder to listen to your intuition; Exercise does not prevent blocked arteries; Wildfire smoke – really bad for you; Red wine – really good (may indeed prolong your life); Breast cancer diet: broccoli and green tea (could make deadly tumors treatable); WeWork’s new wellness concept; Anthem/CVS partnership; Another baby for 68-year old Billy Joel; A calculator that can guess how many healthy years of life you have left..


Should Gap just kill the Banana Republic brand?; Fashion Police to end, celebrate Joan Rivers w/E! finale; Kiehl’s & Disney teaming up for something epic; FitFlop getting a high-fashion makeover…and that’s good news for your feet [Right, Dr. Powers?!]; Faux fur is major trend for fall (latest variation-the teddy jacket); Why you should massage your face every day; How vintage stores are reinventing themselves for new generation of shoppers; Cheaper, younger Zara – now finally available in the U.S.; Meryl Streep’s beauty secret; Remaking of a Madoff; From the inside out: Bobbi Brown on entrepreneurship, beauty, and health…

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