Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - October 24, 2017


Dow has sights set on 30,000 (and that probably means big gains for these stocks); Cryptocurrencies move step closer to mainstream; Affirm’s new mobile app lets you borrow money for almost any online purchase; Chipotle is giving away free burritos for a year to one lucky person (Interested, HP?); Millennials are ditching religion for witchcraft and astrology????; RVs trending toward more electronics, luxury lifestyles; Suzie Orman says THIS is age you should retire–not a month or year before; Dog-o’-Lanterns going to be big this Halloween; Best banks in America; Snap Spectacles – massive boondoggle; The Tom Petty album that’s selling for > $1000; 238 bids for Amazon HQ2; Wanted: 1000 new Delta flight attendants…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 10.24.2017

Peace Of Mind: Hope is on the horizon as scientists near Alzheimer’s breakthrough; Global study reveals 72 gene mutations that lead to breast cancer; Why you may be aging faster than your friends; How to identify your body’s stress points and release them; Researchers working on single-dose, long-lasting flu vaccine; Blueberry milk – arriving at grocery stores this spring; CBD chocolates for anxiety?; A Hawaiian townhouse w/wellness built in – yours for $2.6 million.


Drew Barrymore launches contemporary lifestyle brand on Amazon Fashion; Armani plans transfer of stake in fashion firm to his foundation; Abercrombie & Fitch – ditching sex for ruggedness…but will millennials buy?; Demand for Doc Martens is booming; Ballet-flat sneakers now a thing; Weirdest internet beauty trends (so far this year); The price of beauty – today measured by Instagram followers; More claims against the “Butt Butcher of 34th Street”; Power 100: The most influential designers, influencers and leaders in the shoe industry..

FITNESS/DIET 10.24.2017

Why do you feel happy when you’re ‘in the zone’? Science finally has an answer; America’s first airport private yoga studio is opening in Denver this fall [Namaste?]; New study says it’s possible to actually sweat blood; Why losing weight at any age can help save you up to $30,000; What happens to your body if you don’t eat after a work out; How many calories you really burn in cycling class; No more tennis for Under Armour? Outdoor categories a goner?; Five extremely successful people and their insane workout routines..

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