Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - November 14, 2017


Didn’t Apple just release the X, like, a few weeks ago? Rumors suggest 3 new iPhones are coming in 2018; Amazon announces ‘Lord of the Rings’ TV show; JetBlue is giving away free flights to travelers willing to do volunteer work; Lyft is finally going international; Used-car prices are unexpectedly strong; Kinder eggs – coming to the U.S.; Dunkin’s holiday donuts (taste like your favorite Christmas cookies); ‘Tis The Cheese’n; Living on the edge (1 in 5 households have ‘zero or negative’ wealth); The $150 face mask that beat Face ID on the X….hackity, hack, hack. Joke’s on us??; Oh, and PS: Don’t book flights today – Tuesday is officially no longer the cheapest day to do it!

HEALTH & WELLNESS 11.14.2017

Turns out, mother was right (yet again!!) when she told you not to eat so quickly (and it has nothing to do with how unattractive it is): New research shows that eating slowwww-lllll-y could help you live longer by preventing heart problems and diabetes; Blood pressure of 130 is the new ‘high,’ according to first update of guidelines in 14 years (new range means nearly half of Americans have hypertension); Adding an extra cup of coffee/day can reduce risk of heart failure and stroke??; Millennials and the wellness travel market (how they’re disrupting it); Digital pill – a first; Bill Gates’ newest mission: curing Alzheimer’s (hence his $100 million personal investment)..

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