Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - November 30, 2017


Glitch at American Airlines could spell trouble for Christmas travel season; Nightmarish, destructive 2017 hurricane season comes to end; Toys ‘R’ Us recalls 6,000 clay craft kits over mold risks; Lots of talk about creating an ETF for bitcoin; Why you’re seeing enamelware everywhere; How to make sure you have worry-free retirement; France’s butter crisis… a perfect lesson in basic economics; Chipotle replacing its Founder & CEO; No bonus to being good employee this year; Snapchat’s major redesignTwitter’s big year; Domino’s…baby registry???; You can now drink Saturday Night Live wine while home alone on a Saturday night…#somuchfun

HEALTH & WELLNESS 11.30.2017

Say [Vegan] Cheese! Pizza Hut confirms: it is now permanently on its menu; A new Apple Watch band can actually tell you if your heart isn’t working properly; FDA warns biotin – which evvvvveryone is telling evvvvveryone to take!! – can distort lab tests; Man who inspired ALS Ice Bucket Challenge dies at age 46; Science-based benefits of controlled breathing; LUSH’s famous sleepy lotion – put to the test by insomniac; Dormant butt syndrome (??); Yet another reason not to eat raw cookie dough…


Aldi is selling matching Christmas jumpers for you and your…dog?; Paris Hilton launching her first skin-care product; Fashion veteran takes on a tired market w/chic nightwear; Scientists calling for ban on glitter makeup; Beauty advent calendars – hottest gifts right now; Beyoncé’s holiday merchandise line (everyone hates the sweater); ‘Glow Job’: how to get and why face masks are currently the beauty industry’s top-selling product…

FITNESS/DIET 11.30.2017

Mars to invest in Kind, maker of the super sticky (but good, and super popular) snack bars; Stan Smith gets candid on a lifetime of sneakers; The scientific reason why exercising too much can make you gain weight; How running may or may not help the heart; Fitness apps to escape the exercise doldrums; Body type women find most attractive; The celeb-favorite diet that lets you eat annnnnything….but only for 8 hours; Post-workout sex – hands-down the best sex of all?

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