Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - December 12, 2017


Yeah, yeah, lots of concerns – from super-smart people! – that bitcoin isn’t going to work out, but here’s the thing – so far it has…and many betting it will go even higher (some even taking out mortgages to get in?????!!); Uber, Lyft offering refunds for surge pricing after Port Authority bombing; Chipotle giving away free queso today to convince customers to try new recipe; Beer made out of Krispy Kreme donuts???; Oreo’s new fan-created flavors; UberEats’ holiday hangover feast; Apple/Shazam; Ruthenium’s rise; Rate hike – coming; All the numbers: Top cities to buy and sell homes…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 12.12.2017

Please Do Not Disturb! Retirement linked to longer, better sleep; Travelers are abandoning spas to join fitfluencer retreats; Canola oil, generally considered a “healthy” oil when compared to most, may be bad choice for brain health; How one healthy chef got her meat-loving husband to eat vegan; What wellness pros pack to turn their hotel rooms into self-care sanctuaries; 12 ways to stay healthy during the holidays; ‘Man flu’ – nothing to sneeze at?


Cyndi Lauper brings her signature style to HSN today w/collection of clothing and accessories; Christmas tree brows, beard ornaments, and more hair-raising holiday trends taking over social media; Designer makeup brands such as Dior, Burberry, YSL fighting battle for relevance; A growing group of young Catholic women are choosing to cover their heads in church–traditional veils back in style?; New wave of Ugg boots (w/heels!) proving to be popular; Flip flop socks – an actual thing; A pair of Gucci handcuffs from the Tom Ford era – yours for $65,000..

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