Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - December 14, 2017


Apple launches its most powerful computer yet (early reviews good); Media giants Disney, Fox expected to seal $$$$ deal today; Verizon reportedly offering a personal finance app to help you pay your bills; Delivery wars ramp up w/Target’s purchase of Shipt; Sears buys more time to stay afloat; There’s a one bedroom condo for sale in Miami and the seller will only accept…bitcoin!!!!; What Americans are really spending their money on; How the Fed’s interest rate hike will affect your finances; Wine glasses are getting bigger?; Cheetos popcorn to premiere at Regal Cinemas nationwide this weekend; Tomorrow is ‘Free Shipping Day’…and PS: A reminder that your holiday packages may arrive late…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 12.14.2017

CDC: Seasonal flu death rates may be higher than estimated; McDonald’s most controversial burger – The McVegan – will now become a permanent menu item; Skin cancer treatment selfie goes viral, sparks awareness; Wall Street bros are getting into….crystal healing?; What to give up in 2018 to be healthy (and happy); Why you should get more magnesium in your diet (and could this cult-beloved supplement be the answer?); How to worry…better; Salt & its unexpected effects on hunger and weight loss; Medical marijuana – no health risks?


It’s official: Ugg slippers have solidified their spot as most highly sought-after holiday gift; ‘Star Wars’ merchandise will make you a (fashion) force to be reckoned with; Why the fashion world embraced age inclusivity in 2017; How lip fillers can affect your smile; Kylie Jenner’s new makeup brushes cost…$360?!; Entrepreneurs are moving in on a $21 billion plus-size fashion market; Lipomodelling (aka fat transfer) becoming increasingly popular; Ultraviolet will be the color of 2018; Gigantic scarf goes viral.

FITNESS/DIET 12.14.2017

Not losing weight? Might have something to do w/calorie ‘amnesia’ (Wait–did I have a salad and water for lunch or a cheeseburger and a beer?)…too much relaxing on weekends (Didn’t move!) …medications working against you (Not on any, but if I were….)?; What 5 months of consistent, healthy weight loss looks like; One ingredient swaps that will save you hundreds of calories this holiday season; Stress & its effects on your physical fitness; Key diet changes you should make in wintertime; The pregnant gym owner who ran a 5K on her due date…

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