Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - December 18, 2017


Shopping for holiday gifts online? Order no later than today if you plan to use standard shipping; Power has finally been restored at Atlanta airport after blackout grounded > 1500 flights, but travel nightmare could last for days; Hundreds get sick on Royal Caribbean cruise – again; Sports fans now have a new way to invest time and money in their favorite teams; If your name is Sydney, you could get free United flight to…Sydney, Australia!; Diddy says he wants to buy Carolina Panthers; Huge debut for Star Wars: The Last Jedi; Bitcoin’s bigger stage; Best store-bought eggnog; No more AirPods ’til January; Here comes Dow 25,000

HEALTH & WELLNESS 12.18.2017

Can you hear me now?! California warns people to limit exposure to cell phones; Drinking tea could reduce risk of developing glaucoma; Anonymous donor gives $1 million in bitcoin to anti-aging research; What no one tells you about using magnesium oil; Best gifts to give yourself if you want to get healthier, more organized and inspired in 2018; Seedless “cocktail avocados”????!!!; World’s first cannabis-infused wine


Hottest stock of year: Invisalign??; Makeup mogul Kat Von D gears up for self-funded vegan shoe line; Sexy spaghetti photo shoots are becoming a thing; Michael Kors vows to go fur-free in 2018; Ugg footwear doesn’t go down well when you’re…Down Under???; Laser hair removal vs. electrolysis; Lord & Taylor’s new line of size-inclusive work essentials; Balenciaga’s $195 scrunchie (!); Most wonderful time of the year for clothing rental companies

FITNESS/DIET 12.18.2017

What is the Candida diet and will it really improve your health? Its creators say it can cure IBS, yeast infections, and more; Australian retailer, Black Milk Clothing, is releasing Team Hogwarts athleisure line today; The ab-sculpting, leg-strengthening (equipment-free) pilates move Kate Hudson swears by; Meghan Markle’s love of the Megaformer; Reebok’s newest (and toughest) training shoe yet; Most-Googled diets of 2017…

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