Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - December 20, 2017


Is your password, password? 123456? Here’s the list of worst passwords of 2017; Phone spam is getting out of control; You can soon get 7-Eleven delivered to your door; NBC may take viewers back to work at Dunder Mifflin; Surprising holiday items you can/can’t take on a flight; The once obscure metal that’s now the hottest commodity of 2017 (thanks to electric cars); Cities w/best chance for a White Christmas; 2018 U.S. Passport changes; Dunkin’ Donuts beer; Apple’s rare downgrade; Holiday traffic congestion

HEALTH & WELLNESS 12.20.2017

While 2017 was all about plant protein, sprouted foods and healthy fats, will 2018 be the year we focus on eating to prevent and manage health conditions?; Ketamine – used legally as an anesthetic and illegally in club settings – is emerging as potential new treatment for some types of depression; Silicon Valley & the search for meatless meat; Christmas music’s impact on your brain and mental health; The importance of having good friends, particularly as as you age…

FITNESS/DIET 12.20.2017

Motivated to lose weight/sweat more in 2018? ‘Tis the season for gym membership deals–some good ones here; Why Apple’s AirPods could become better fitness tracker than Apple Watch; How your stomach can go from flat to bloated in minutes; Photos that show exactly how much to eat during the holidays to lose or maintain your weight; Most dangerous diet ever?; Location, location, location – key to staying fit.

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