Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - December 21, 2017


Apple finally admits what we’ve long suspected – it purposely slows down its older phones as battery ages…NoPo says idea is to get you to buy new one!!; Waze adds Liam Neeson as its latest navigator; Author of Cat Person scores 7-figure book deal; What to buy (and what to skip) at Trader Joe’s this Christmas; How to care for your holiday plants and flowers; Southwest seat savers – annoying!; Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios – helped GM end its cereal sump; ‘World’s saddest’ Christmas tree; Tearless onions; Shortest day of the year

HEALTH & WELLNESS 12.21.2017

If drugs don’t kill you, early retirement might?!; Chocolate makers innovate to entice health-conscious consumers (vegan bars w/quinoa, “ruby” chocolate, etc.); Unmarried heart patients face higher risk of death; Breathing techniques for anxiety that Drew Barrymore uses; Tom Brady’s ‘wellness guru’ — causing NFL drama!!; Healthy destinations to add to your 2018 travel bucket list; Sleep massage for insomnia?; Comedy to cope: Hulu’s year-end television viewing analytics.


Model who lost leg to toxic shock syndrome says she could lose other one; Kate Upton hits tennis court in a thong for Love‘s advent calendar; Everything you need to know about spray tanning in wintertime; Top plastic surgery trends of 2017; Koch heir’s ‘terrible’ shirt line; Nordstrom’s $1000 t-shirt dress; Hidden beauty benefits of….mistletoe?; Merry Christmas to meeeeee: Leonardo DiCaprio finds new 20-year old model just in time for the holidays!

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