Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - December 27, 2017


Is the iPhone X a disappointment? Investors think so as weak demand hits stock price; Amazon invents another holiday for shoppers; Movie theaters rush to modernize to get you off the couch; All the TV shows coming in 2018–and whether you should watch them; What’s trending in travel for New Year; Home prices – up 6.2%; A good chance your holiday returns will end up…in a landfill????; Elon Musk reveals ‘pickup’ line; More stock gains seen in 2018; World’s smallest cell phone; Oil’s well; Alexa. Alexa. Alexa; National Fruitcake Day.

HEALTH & WELLNESS 12.27.2017

Do you take calcium and vitamin D to protect your bones? New study says it doesn’t help; If trying to eat healthier in the New Year, meal kits could be the answer to sticking to your goal; More evidence that short bouts of exercise – even just 10 minutes on stationary bike – good for brain/sharpens mind; Pot smoking on rise among US pregnant women?!; Food recalls dangerously slowwww…


It’s the most wonderful time of the year for plastic surgeons .. December bump in business as more men and women get work done during time off; World’s most exclusive department store selling $185 Swarovski crystal-embellished water bottles; Microfiber – the devil’s fabric?; “Pajama lounges” are now a thing; Niacinamide is the buzzy beauty ingredient of the moment…

FITNESS/DIET 12.27.2017

Science says fitness trackers don’t work..wear one anyway?; Lots of $ moving into Asian fitness tech, but fatigue may be kicking in; Cyclist creates 88-mile virtual snowman across London; Nike promotes vegan diet in latest commercial featuring NBA star; Williams-Sonoma launching exclusive Vitamix blender; Nutrisystem – expanding; Google confirms that 2017 was the year of…apple cider vinegar!

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