Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - January 2, 2018


Feeling lucky? Combined lottery jackpot jumps to nearly $800 million; Economists are saying we will have a happy – really happy – New Year; 2017 was safest on record for airline passengers, but 2018 could be dangerous??; Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” not worth the jacked-up prices she’s charging for concert tickets; American Girl’s 2018 Girl of the Year is an aspiring astronaut w/big ambitions; 40% chance Apple will buy Netflix; Minimum wage hikes; Mall makeovers; Qtum?????; Trader Joe’s new shelf-stable french fries vs. potato chips..

HEALTH & WELLNESS 01.02.2018

How bad is the flu in your state? Check here to see; Californians are lining up to legally buy recreational pot; Authorities cracking down on pill-pushing docs; How to follow a healthier diet in 2018 (minor tweaks); Why curing your hangover is so hard; Chocolate – on track to go extinct in 40 years??!; MindLESSness is the ‘new thing’ that will bring you peace in 2018…


Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson to chair Miss America beauty pageant; Carrie Underwood’s face ‘not quite looking the same’ after needing > 40 stitches; Dad dances to Beyonce’s Single Ladies w/daughters in viral video; MAC starts selling BeautyBlender products; Fashion trends to get excited about this year (and influencers to watch); Diane von Furstenberg’s next big move; Salma Hayek, 51 (!), in sexy purple bikini…

FITNESS/DIET 01.02.2018

Soul Cycle launches “Screw Resolutions” campaign, urging riders to “eat the damn cookie”…”cancel more plans”…”have more sex”…; Bob Harper shows how to eat carbs and still lose weight in newly-released book; Amazon’s Fitbit Ionic discount; 101-year old world champ runner; Downward doga?; New Year, nude you: naked gym classes now offered in New York…

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