Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - January 3, 2018


Will Amazon buy Target this year?; Mega Millions bumps up to $418M for Friday’s drawing; Powerball is tonight; Biscuit recall hits Food Lion, other grocery stores in 12 states over listeria fears; ‘Jeopardy’ contestant loses $3200 in most gangsta way possible; Hooters getting boost thanks to bitcoin and blockchain; Bed Bath & Beyond’s new store strategy; Apple’s $29 battery replacements; David Bowie book club; Ripple!!

HEALTH & WELLNESS 01.03.2018

Bone-chilling weather has been attributed to at least a dozen deaths; Drinking trendy ‘raw water’ can give you all sorts of horrible diseases; Common anti-smoking drug may raise stroke, heart attack risk; Obscure vomiting illness linked to long-term pot use; Why no one can decide whether eggs are good or bad for you; A cleansing juice recipe from the Missoni family; McDonald’s “fresh beef” burger; Sneak Peak: Waldhotel, Switzerland’s newest wellness retreat…

FITNESS/DIET 01.03.2018

What’s old is new again? Top fitness trends for 2018: back to basics!; Weight Watchers adds another celebrity to its stable of endorsers in attempt to replicate success it has had w/Oprah; Solo climbers – now banned from scaling Mount Everest; Middle-aged ‘dad bod’ .. not sexy and potentially deadly?; Novel skin patches to cut belly fat; “Target 100” – a holistic approach to weight loss..

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