Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - January 10, 2018


JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon regrets calling bitcoin a ‘fraud’ and believes in the technology behind it; Provo, Utah is best-performing economy among big U.S. cities; Dell wants to turn your old laptop into jewelry; Apple to take 25% stake in..itself?; 10 banks consumers complain about the most; Amazon Prime membership gets better; Sprint customers –  bill hike!; Trader Joe’s new soft frosted sugar cookiesJunior Mints – under-filling boxes?; Record credit card debt; KodakCoin!!!

HEALTH & WELLNESS 01.10.2018

Once the wellness set’s favorite ‘healthy’ obsession, juice cleanses are now past their expiration date; No such thing as ‘text neck’   mobile phone use/strain dismissed by research; Working the night shift could raise your cancer risk; Vegan condoms (?) hitting market in more mainstream way; Supergoop’s new Unseen sunscreen will protect you from blue light emitted by electronic devices; Ghee — superfood ingredient of 2018?; Smelling your lover’s shirt may make you less stressed…

FITNESS/DIET 01.10.2018

Indoor cycling company Peloton, best-known for interactive at-home bikes, just launched a new…treadmill!; Under Armour is killing its brand by selling at cheap retailers; Mountain climbers experience mysterious hallucinations that doctors are calling a new condition; Motiv’s fitness tracking ring now knows even more about you; Copenhagen diet – safe?; Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson’s top 3 workout moves to do at home; The high-end fitness retreats women are signing up for to become the boss; What Oprah eats in a day…

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