Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - January 17, 2018


Is this the day of reckoning for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?; Extreme weather and natural disasters top list of global risks this year, according to new report; Americans increasingly turning to personal loans to pay for basic expenses [Bad idea!]; Airbnb will now let you book by paying 50% in advance; Dunkin’ Donuts is getting a facelift; Paycheck bump coming soon; Cat people are creative, but dog owners tend to earn more???; Fear of unknown @ GE; Ben & Jerry’s new truffle-filled pints; TAG Heuer’s $197,000 smartwatch; Dream Job Alert: Chicken Nugget Connoisseur..


Has fashion’s big moment on television arrived with The Assassination of Gianni Versace, the long-awaited docudrama that begins airing tonight? Not…exactly; Cindy Crawford is recreating iconic 1992 Pepsi commercial for this year’s Super Bowl (18-year old son will co-star); Gucci is opening its first-ever restaurant; Prada bringing back its cult sportswear line; Kris Jenner gets earlobe reduction surgery????!; Ulta Beauty to benefit from tax cuts; A new drugstore razor that shaves in both directions; From scrubs to….slammer??; Even the eyelashes freeze: Russia sees -88.6 degrees F…

FITNESS/DIET 01.17.2018

Forget the Jane Fonda tape?!?! Technology is rapidly changing home workouts for the better; Newer weight-reduction surgery effective but may worsen acid reflux; How Sweet ‘N Low taught Americans to say no to sugar; Why weight-loss industry is starting to use more male celebs as spokespeople; What many don’t understand about mental health medication and weight gain; The fasting-mimicking diet; Electro-shock workouts and punk-rock yoga; Additional evidence that junk food commercials are making teens fat…

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