Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - January 23, 2018


Netflix reels in customers after price hike, sending stock to new high; United expands service to Mnpls. for Super Bowl LII; Bacardi to acquire Patrón; billionaire owner will cash out; Cheesecake Factory’s famous brown bread to be sold in grocery stores; Why Apple’s Tim Cook keeps his nephew off social media; What success looks like to the average American (define it by new car? more free time? house in ‘burbs?); Millennial pink Kit Kats; Peeps Oreos; Tesla’s pay deal to keep Elon Musk: all or nothing.

HEALTH & WELLNESS 01.23.2018

Canine Influenza Alert! Multiple strains of dog flu is spreading across U.S. for first time in years; Neil Diamond announces retirement following Parkinson’s diagnosis; What loneliness does to the human body; Why Starbucks nappucinos [??] could be the next hot wellness trend; Guinness’ new non-alcoholic beer; $12 for ‘raw water’ ???; Well+Good retreats: the ultimate curated wellness getaway…


Unsanitary practices? Ulta Beauty accused of repackaging and reselling used makeup!; U.S. athletes will wear heated Ralph Lauren parkas to 2018 Winter Olympics; $1,380 thigh-high….Uggs?; Earlobe reduction surgery the next big beauty fad; Ribbons is the red carpet hair trend celebrities can’t get enough of; You should now use SPF 100 ?!; Something we can relate to: designer jewelry inspired by…pastries.

FITNESS/DIET 01.23.2018

Americans spend more money on fitness than college tuition? New study breaks down the numbers….; Orangetheory Fitness founder opening hundreds of new gyms nationally [Workout worth every penny!!]; What women recovering from eating disorders actually face in the New Year; Why being a fitness instructor should be your side hustle [Think: perks]; Bringing your kids to the gym – trendy, but is this good idea?…bad?; Grease your chains and pump your tires: A 180-mile Yellowstone bike trail is in the works…

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