Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - February 13, 2018


Happy Fat Tuesday!; Ford recall expands to include 33,000 older pickup trucks; Amazon sheds hundreds of corporate jobs in rare cutback; Uber now forcing drivers to take long break after 12 hours on road [no word on what it’s going to do about all those creepy drivers!]; Goldman thisclose to buying personal finance startup Clarity; Sell-off could return by tomorrow as hot inflation data hits?; How a 5% mortgage rate would roil the U.S. housing market; Why Americans are obsessed w/finding best car pet accessoriesKFC’s Scratch ‘N’ Sniff Valentines (You do like the smell of fried chicken, don’t you?!); The mysterious trader nicknamed ’50 Cent’ who made $200 million last week as the market blew up; Facebook’s teen flight; “Best in Show” (tonight!); Strawberries & Cream BaileysChocoVine…

HEALTH & WELLNESS 02.13.2018

Marijuana massages, reefer lattes…America may soon get its first licensed ‘pot spa’??; Parents are saying Peter Rabbit is an ‘allergy bully’; How to stop spending so much time on your dang phone; What it’s like to have thyroid issues (from women who actually have them); The quest for wellness--why we’re striving to be so clean, lean and serene…


Remember when we talked about the rumors that Ulta was reselling used cosmetics and oh, how gross? Well, now Ulta is up against class action lawsuit for this “widespread and surreptitious practice”; Russian curler compared to Angelina Jolie for her model looks breaks the internet; Sports Illustrated makes waves w/Swimsuit Issue; Zac Posen’s new Delta athleisure-like uniforms; Paris Hilton’s Birkin bag (covered in 30,000 Swarovski crystals); Everything you need to know about Adam Rippon, the Olympics figure skater w/the best eyebrows…

FITNESS/DIET 02.13.2018

Bob Harper one year after having near-fatal heart attack: ‘Who the f*** cares’ about having a six-pack?; Weight Watchers now offering skinny pasta; Equinox’s “fitness incubator” and its search for the next Zumba; Most popular protein bars; Benefits of “jymmin”; Your diet and your sex life — is it……..killing it?

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