Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - February 14, 2018


Market on its toes for an inflation report that could change everything — or … not??; Sam’s Club revamps its membership, ups e-commerce game; Rolls-Royce names its new SUV after largest flawless diamond ever found; Bill and Melinda Gates say it’s not fair that they have so much wealth; Start-ups are looking to deliver take-out at your airport gate; CryptoKitties is going mobile; Home prices – overheating; What being a millionaire means today; How you can feel joy w/nearly every purchase you make; Latest home design trends–going to…the dogs?!!; Mastering mattress shopping [This is the weekend to buy, after all]; The $15 frying pan that beats out Le Creuset and Cuisinart skillets; The 11-year old (!) cryptocurrency guru; Pepsi’s new sparkling water; Hershey’s Donut Bites

HEALTH & WELLNESS 02.14.2018

Give up alcohol and sugar for 40 days starting today or…maybe…not!!??? When Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday clash — for the first time since 1945 [Nancy, what say you?]; Fitbit acquires cloud-based health care company that you probably haven’t head of; Hummus may be getting more expensive (Blame a drought in India, where most chickpeas are grown); Amazon wants to be a .. hospital supplier?; What happens to your brain when you’re in love; Why kidney stones are on the rise–especially for women; Looks like the flu, acts like the flu, but isn’t the flu….!


John Mayer unveils the secret to his super-smooth skin: “I don’t love anybody” ?????; Record-low # of shows leaves Fashion Week at crossroads; Shoppers are spending hundreds of dollars on ‘ugly’ clothes; Why this top dermatologist [Hi, Dendy!] swears by applying magnesium oil to skin; How Glamglow became the skin-care brand w/the most buzz on social media; Slimming tricks that come straight from your wardrobe — no diet necessary; Volite: the new hyaluronic acid injectable that can make your skin more radiant…

FITNESS/DIET 02.14.2018

Why are you still overweight? Goop expert nails down all the reasons in newly-released book; Chemicals found in food packaging linked to weight gain; Under Armour is turning around; Weight Watchers – dropping “before and after” photos; What to know before your first complimentary Orangetheory class [NoPo says expect tons of annoying follow-up calls afterwards]; Why eating more slowwwwwly may help you lose weight; List of foods w/almost no calories and a lot of nutrients; Olympians & their high-fat diets – take w/grain of salt?

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