Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - February 15, 2018


‘Loyal’ L.L. Bean customer sues company for changing legendary returns policy??!!! I mean … realllllly??!?!?!?!?; Psychologists say they’ve calculated the exact salary you need to be happy; Rare 70-pound meteriote sells for record $237,500 at Christie’s; Bitcoin is…‘noxious poison’?; Outlook for credit cards (going to be more difficult to get new cards/higher limits); Chances of getting bumped from your flight (half as likely as last year); Best frozen pizzas; ‘Golden Girls’ hot sauce

HEALTH & WELLNESS 02.15.2018

Having a bad day? The average American has 60/year, according to survey examining how we deal w/stress; Warren Buffett makes another big bet on health care; “Ultra-processed” foods like chicken nuggets linked to increased cancer risk; Swimming in cold water good for pain relief; Credit card debt – bad for your health; The woo-woo wellness trend that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen embrace; SuperShe Island (new women’s-only wellness retreat); Brussels Sprouts…pickles!; Booze, pizza and sex – what Americans will (and won’t) give up for better sleep; Best ways to counter the negative effects of aging and live a long time—starting…right…now!


Timberland helping rebuild Haiti’s cotton industry via…blockchain????; Burberry partners w/Farfetch in online push; Lil Wayne and Neiman Marcus launch exclusive Young Money clothing line; Neck tattoos – on rise among fashion set; Why transparent fashion is trending in era of oversharing; How much it costs to wake up looking like an influencer [A LOT]; Cheapest way to whiten your teeth; Microblading – for perfectly shaped brows; Perms (making comeback); Trader Joe’s $6 rose facial oil (a thing); ‘Butt-masking’ ???

FITNESS/DIET 02.15.2018

Is an end in sight for yo-yo dieting? Scientists discover the evolutionary brain switch behind it; McDonald’s pledges to make Happy Meals more…nutritious; Olympian Adam Rippon speaks out about his starvation diet; Best diets that let you drink alcohol; Healthy swaps for every junk food you crave; Lightweight running shoes that are the next best thing to running…on…air; Dream Job Alert: four-month internship recording cycling trips across Europe and Africa – SIGN.ME.UP!

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