Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - February 20, 2018


As two grocery stores edge closer to bankruptcy, Albertsons swoops for Rite Aid in defense move against Amazon; Dog food brands recalled over possible euthanasia drug; Facebook testing users’ patience while rewarding patient investors [We’re both and we’ve noticed!!!]; Apple employees can’t stop walking into glass doors; Virtual pandemonium??; Bigger iPhone X may be coming in 2018; Hottest toys from New York Toy Fair; #1 city in America to Airbnb your home; Fastest growing spirit category in world right now; National Love Your Pet Day; Lucky Charms new unicorn marshmallows; Pancake & Syrup-flavored…Peeps!

HEALTH & WELLNESS 02.20.2018

Home cleaning products may be as bad for your lungs as a 20 cigarettes/day habit; Olympians told to fist-bump, not shake hands, to prevent spread of norovirus [Can we please adopt similar policy here?!?!?!?!?!]; Heart attack symptoms often misinterpreted in younger women; Avocados — infiltrating wedding proposals?; Correlation between gut health and mood; Pets & mental health benefits – confirmed; Poop Talk: new comedy/doc that discusses our relationship w/digestion…


Look out, be-loooooowwww: The H&M fast-fashion empire is crumbling!; Chanel spending $30 million renovating Paris’ iconic Grand Palais; Belly button plastic surgery procedures are trending right now?????; These are the beauty hacks you can do w/good old-fashioned Vaseline; This is the “world’s most expensive foundation” [We tried it and didn’t look any better than we do w/stuff from Duane Reade]; And here is everything you wanted to know about PRP injections, the scary-sounding filler treatment that is .. ahem … “natural”?!!

FITNESS/DIET 02.20.2018

Is the CrossFit Open the biggest sporting competition on earth??; Katherine Heigl shows off her 14-month post-baby weight loss journey; Functional fitness, lifting, workout thinktanks [huh?] among the top fitness trends everyone will be “obsessed with” in 2018; Practical ways to maintain a healthy weight w/out looking at the scale [Whatever you say!]; Re-thinking your late-night eating habits; The jewelry you should (and shouldn’t) work out in; A dietician’s guide to kicking your soda habits in 3 weeks…

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