Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - February 21, 2018


Jailed over an unpaid car loan? It’s happening, according to a new report; Walmart stumbles in shift to web selling (fears it isn’t positioned to fend off Amazon sent shares down, tripped up market big time); Dunkin’ Donuts says coupons for free ‘anniversary’ donuts are a scam; Wyndham launching program that gives traveling families a discount for staying off their phones; Auctus bringing blockchain tech to the $36 trillion retirement plan market; Fed – could ‘rock the boat’ today?; Chipotle testing trendy new menu item; Squid ink ice cream – popular dessert @ Olympics; Travel guidebooks – alive and well; Best money-saving apps; McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes!

HEALTH & WELLNESS 02.21.2018

Long-standing advice about “good” cholesterol vs. “bad” has become a little more..complicated?; Measles cases skyrocketing in Europe (more parents shunning vaccines); Having sisters makes you happier, kinder, more optimistic; 109-year old woman says key to long life is avoiding…men?!; Talenti releases better-for-you gelato (less sugar!); Vegetarian hot dogs may be coming to Ikea…


The Queen joins Vogue‘s Anna Wintour on front row at London Fashion Week; Bill Murray’s new ‘Bill-Bottoms’ are making golf fashion cool again; Long-sleeve swimsuits having most stylish season yet; Why the U.S. is lagging behind in extended bra sizing; How to pack w/out wrinkling; Paris Hilton – America’s most underrated businesswoman?; Celebrity-favorite Nike sneakers–coming out next month; ‘Guess’ no longer (yup, he’s toast); ASOS buckle jeans (really weird); Madonna Oxygen Facial…

FITNESS/DIET 02.21.2018

Germany’s Olympic athletes are consuming hundreds of gallons of a surprising sports drink: beer!!!!; NYT slammed for ‘sexy’ yoga pants article [Twitter explodes in rage–NoPo says article likely not written by someone who works out!]; How top fitness chains are using tech to keep you coming back; Why you should never wear a baggy old t-shirt in the gym; Science behind the blood-only diet of vampire bats..

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