Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - February 27, 2018


Did you see Warren Buffett’s three-hour interview w/CNBC yesterday? We didn’t, either, but Jim Cramer says it was a ‘teaching moment’ for every investor…and shares his top four takeaways from the interview…; Sam’s Club becomes latest retailer to join same-day home delivery race; Yes Way Rosé, the wine that took Instagram by storm, heading for nationwide release @ Target; Pyrex bringing back a coveted vintage pattern; New home sales down again; Lisa Marie Presley – broke (blames former business manager); Why 50% of U.S. adults haven’t checked their credit scores/reports since Equifax hack; How much money you should have saved at every age [Estimates seem lower than what we’ve seen elsewhere, but…]; Barbie’s latest move – teaching kids how to code?; Today is National Pancake Day


Wow–41% of men under 35 would rather lose their home or sight in one eye than experience hair loss?!?!?!; Online styling service Stitch Fix looks to diversify product set w/push into intimate apparel; Rebecca Minkoff launches her first swimwear line; ‘Snapchat Dysmorphia’ causing young people to seek plastic surgery; Americans – spending less of their income on clothes [nothing in here about the rental market, but…]; Kaia Gerber’s first Chanel campaign; Spring 2018 fashion trends to watch for; The 405-pound male model breaking down barriers…

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