Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 1, 2018


After a rough February, stocks are entering what are often two of the best months of the year for the market; Stricter policy dealing w/emotional-support animals goes into effect today at two major airlines; Best Buy closing all of its mobile-phone stores; Spotify files for $1 billion IPO; Non-smokers – get extra vacation days since they don’t take smoke breaks?; Jennifer Lawrence says she’s ‘toying w/the idea of becoming a billionaire’; Bill Gates thinks cryptocurrency is killing people; Red flags that could trigger a tax audit; Remote work – reaching unprecedented levels of popularity; Edible ‘bath bombs’ for your tequila; Rosé pool float [Just for you, Bart]; Vero, Vero, Vero


What are adaptogens and why are people taking them?; Doctors “sound the alarm” on possible harms of saline in IV bags; Weight Watchers shifting focus from weight loss to overall wellness; Life coach…or…therapist?; Wellness apartment buildings – wave of the future; Smoking while pregnant (still happening); How wearables will take health monitoring to the next level; Why America could become vulnerable to the next major pandemic; Best vegan cheeses, no matter your dairy-free mood..


Queer Eye isn’t just great fashion TV–it’s the best show of the year?; Walmart doubles down on fashion – four new private apparel brands debut today; Lacoste’s iconic crocodile makes room for 10 endangered species on brand’s polo shirts; People are now paying $100+ in monthly ‘membership’ fees to get glowing skin; Supermodel Christie Brinkley on her new makeup line and biggest beauty secrets [Just a lot of water, you know?!]; Nordstrom’s financial issues – making it tough to go private; Levi’s new cutting edge technology; Fashion Assistant horror stories; Oscar swag bags – worth up to $100,000?!?!


Scientifically, what would be considered the perfect diet? One that is high in nutrients? Sustainable? Affordable? All that…and more…..; Dick Costolo, best known as Twitter’s former CEO, pulls plug on his fitness app, Chorus, and shuts down company [No wonder he never called us back!]; Arsenic, lead found in popular protein supplements; How to get out of the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food spiral; Why this celebrity trainer recommends sleep over working out; Dos and don’ts of understanding your BMI; Optimal heart rate for weight loss; The Spice Diet...

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