“Maybe don’t get married” – Lindsey Vonn, when asked about her best money or business advice. You may recall, Lindsey had a ‘starter-marriage’ at age 22 to…who?…and divorced in 2011, much to her father’s delight.

Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 7, 2018


NYC: New Silicon Valley?; Researcher admits study that claimed Uber drivers earn <$4/hr was..not..correct!; Coinbase eyes bitcoin ETF w/new cryptocurrency index fund; Investors have new favorite stock and sector: Amazon and consumer shares; Spotify preparing for its IPO by cracking down on freeloaders [Yeah, you!]; Survey finds 42% of Americans will retire broke; Amazon — could become 3rd biggest bank if it wants to????; Cities where people have most credit card debt; Richest people on the planet; March Madness & worker productivity; Barbie’s new dolls (to mark International Women’s Day-tomorrow); Spicy Skittles; The Financial Gym, where trainers strip you ‘financially naked’ and analyze your money issues…


Bite Lies: Your favorite ‘healthy’ foods are making you fat!; Panic attack forces NBA star to open up about his struggle w/mental health; Barneys New York joins the wellness trend; The underrated everyday herb that boosts immunity and fights inflammation; Paleo-friendly, healthier swap for Nutella; Herbalife shares — gonna rise since investors can now focus on the nutritional supplement’s growth prospects rather than on the negative headlines?


Rihanna and TechStyle work out lingerie deal, which raises speculation – collaborating ahead of possible IPO for the fashion-forward firm?!?; Reese Witherspoon launches plus-sized Draper James collection; Fashion designer, Norma Kamali, to host weekly lifestyle show exclusively on SiriusXM; Cleansing bars are back in style; Counterfeit handbags – getting harder to spot; Most popular plastic surgeries; The redemption of Lime Crime (internet’s most notorious beauty company); Sharon Stone at 59..


As malls across the country close, indoor exercise communities are being forced to relocate and change…this begs the question—where will the mall walkers...walk?; Oprah sells about a quarter of her Weight Watchers stake in portfolio shuffle; More and more research points to mindfulness – not certain foods – for weight loss; Full-body circuit that will get you in shape for spring [We tired it, we like it]; The dad who was once offered (and turned down) a stake in Under Armour..#regrets?!

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