Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 8, 2018


Nor’easter prompts airlines to cancel more than 2,400 flights, but apparently not mine??; Coca-Cola experimenting w/its first alcoholic drink–in Japan; Russell Crowe selling off his movie memorabilia in ‘divorce auction’; Why you’re seeing brass at every trendy restaurant; Where Apple might put its 4th U.S. campus; How you eat a slice of pizza (It matters); Fanciest McDonald’s in the world?; Rusty old neglected Porsche expected to fetch $$$$; Art fairs popping up everywhere; M&M’s new limited edition flavors; Drunk shopping (a billion-dollar problem); Brown paper bags — great for school lunch and for .. American Airlines?


23AndMe gets FDA approval for at-home breast cancer risk test, but lots of talk about how this might create false sense of security…; Amazon takes aim at Walmart by offering 54% discount on Prime memberships for Medicaid recipients; Nobel-prize winning scientists claim Alzheimer’s disease will be as manageable as HIV w/in 10 years; Early research suggests a phone case might be able to measure blood pressure; Babies who look like their dads more likely to be healthy??; New in-office wands to help detect skin cancer; Best blackout curtains ($11, and might actually help you stay asleep!); Coming decline of employment drug test; The sudden collapse of coconut oil, 2015’s favorite superfood…


Can beauty products really relieve stress and anxiety? So many brands now promise to do much more than just treat your skin!; Founder of skincare brand, The Ordinary, is launching perfume line that explores ‘unfamiliar scents‘ [Think: A Tannery in Tuscany]; French brand Veja wants to make most sustainable sneaker in world; Boob blazers next trend that’s about to blow up??; How Hollywood is changing future of beauty business [Many celebs backing brands they personally use]; Why biodynamic is next big thing in beauty; The hockey reporter who wears heels on the ice [Your team, McGootch]; A Helen Mirren you won’t recognize…#nomakeup


What the heck is the Thonon diet and can it really help you lose 22 pounds in two weeks??; Scientists getting closer and closer to a pill that can mimic effects of exercise (Here’s everything we know so far); Dieting pressure in teen years tied to food and weight problems later; Building muscle as age tears it down [important!]; Steam room etiquette [necessary, especially after last week’s encounter!]; Alcohol: the one thing Instagram’s most influential fitness star avoids

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