“It’s much more interesting to me to have a real and true love, and a real and true relationship with my friends and family, than a pretend relationship with a man that doesn’t have what it takes to step up.” – Sharon Stone on dating. Rumors circulating about possible engagement

Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 13, 2018


Airlines could start charging based on online shopping habits?; Apple (which just bought magazine subscription app, FYI) hits new all-time high and briefly climbs above a $925 billion market cap; Alexa wants to be your new co-worker?!; Chili’s $3.13 margaritas (to celebrate its 43rd birthday today); House flipping – more people doing it, but not making as much $; Krispy Kreme’s Nutella-stuffed donuts; Amazon’s chic – and super cheap – new kitchen line; Most popular cereal; Dropbox IPO (highlights from the filing); Warren Buffett’s March Madness offer: $1M a year for life for perfect bracket…


Could daytime sleepiness be a warning sign of Alzheimer’s? What a new study found…; Muscle loss in old age linked to fewer nerve signals; “Hims” is using the Goop aesthetic to sell men’s wellness [Guess it doesn’t have any original ideas!]; Best high-protein meals you can get in freezer aisle; Top brain-boosting foods; Seedlip: the non-alcoholic spirit that’s making a splash w/health enthusiasts…


Famed French designer, Hubert de Givenchy, the legend behind Audrey Hepburn’s style, dies at 91; Serena Williams reportedly expanding business empire w/cosmetics line [Sister, Venus beat her last night in round three at Indian Wells, FYI..6-3, 6-4]; Fashion fans accusing Taylor Swift of copying Kenzo perfume ad in her latest music video; Everyone’s buying luxury fashion online (market set to more than triple by 2025); Best beauty apps; Ribbon highlights; Plastic-wrapped…shoes??


Whatever happened to moderate fitness?; How to enjoy fast food w/out it being calorie bomb; Why this doctor recommends the “Pegan” diet; Headphones that stay put during your sweatiest workouts; Fitness rules a Victoria’s Secret model follows; Light therapy – next big thing in yoga?; Weight Watchers meal kits (coming this summer).

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