Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 20, 2018


Happy first day of spring! Celebrate w/ free ice cream at Dairy Queen!; Uber halts all self-driving car tests after fatal car accident; Google wants to break your Amazon Prime habit; Eva Longoria lists longtime Hollywood Hills home; Salvation Army getting into grocery business?; A small restaurant in Maine that’s so popular it’s only accepting reservations by snail mail; Retail renaissance (stores/brands focusing on customer experience); Peach Cheerios; Stock market meltdown; This year’s newest Easter candy; Rise & Grind: being a mother equivalent of 2.5 full-time jobs…


To stay healthy on your next flight, take window seat, avoid using bathroom, and limit interactions w/the crew?; Billionaire Larry Ellison unveils new consumer wellness company called Sensei (hydroponic farming start-up focused on creating more healthful food); Stem cell treatment ‘game changer’ for MS patients; Male birth control pill safe and effective, per early trials; Shark Tank hit restaurant, Avocaderia, going national; America’s loneliest workers; Health risks, secondhand marijuana smoke


Fashion is coming for surfing, and its lifestyle, at full force…designers obsessed w/the sport’s culture or just ripping it off?; Target launches unretouched swimwear campaign; The fun sock goes high fashion (for $210); Audrey Hepburn’s granddaughter, the anti-Kardashian; Swedish model’s 40-inch legs [Whoa]; Claire’s bankruptcyVionic shoes (designed by podiatrists); Coco Chanel – new book chronicles humble beginnings of legendary designer…

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